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E-mail solutions
Equip the employees of your business with email @yourbusiness.

The Complete Business Solution:

We provide a complete hosted solution which means you do not need to buy hardware, software or licenses, or deal with maintenance, upgrades and any other issues involved in running an email system suitable for businesses.

Great alternative to:
  • free mail which is not suitable for business use and does not guarantee business level service or support
  • in-house email servers that are costly and unreliable
We offer you the practical and affordable solution: a robust, reliable, and scalable service with antivirus and spam filtering, unlimited attachment size, large storage space, fast, easy access at any time from any place with any device using an Internet connected browser. You can have all the benefits of an in-house email server, without the pain and cost typically associated with running and maintaining one.

We manage all the servers, software, firewalls, storage space, updates, patches, daily back-ups, and 24x7 monitoring, giving you peace of mind, reliability and scalability.

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